"We do not become enlightened by imagining figures of light,
but by making the darkness conscious."

– Carl Jung

The kabbalists knew the secret,
'As Above, so below.'

Translated into psychological language?
'As in here, so out there.'

Take a look at what clients and colleagues have said…

"Marcus Mann is an unusually gifted bodymind therapist and loving personal change coach whose powerful integrity and spiritual insight create the trust that is so essential in facilitating lasting transformation."

Jane MacArthur, Berwyn, PA

"Marcus' 'Relation-Shift: Transform Your Relationships' training is much better than the Harville Hendrix 'Getting The Love You Want' workshop."

Diane Gavlick, Clinical Psychologist, Medford, NJ

"Since starting sessions with Marcus, I feel like I have entered a universe I can live in… He has given me so much, I cannot find the words to adequately express my gratitude."

Dr. John Hartke, Clinical Psychologist, Wayne, PA

"Marcus Mann's personal change coaching is very loving. I felt great safety and openness, and discovered how my listening has been filtered and clouded. I am now able to express myself responsibly and effectively to my partner."

Susana Bastarrica, United Nations, New York, NY

"Marcus Mann is an exceptionally intuitive and knowing therapist and man. No words can describe the personal internal satisfaction and peace this man's gift of healing has provided me."

Andrew Kahn, Pianist and Small-Business Owner, Philadelphia, PA

"I did talk-only therapy for years. The insight I got with Marcus in just five minutes doing that paired exercise with chopsticks was worth a thousand hours of talk-only therapy. I completely and thoroughly relished every minute of the work."

Jodee Thompson, businesswoman, Bryn Mawr, PA

"I never feel trapped by the 'vice grip' taking hold of my jaw anymore. I've learned what to do to free myself: just how to explore the feelings and thoughts underneath the previously oppressive sensations. Thank you, Marcus, for the guidance. I've felt better ever since."

Jennifer Blaine, Actress/Performance Artist, and Teacher, Philadelphia, PA

"Marcus is a rare and beautiful intuitive soul. He understands a great deal about how to help people move beyond suffering into a space of joy and presence. I highly recommend him as a relationship and life coach."

Dr. Paulette Kouffman, Clinical Psychologist, Media, PA

"Marcus unfailingly takes into account the whole person, and shows the most careful judgment in developing an approach which best fits the other's needs. It is unusual for a therapist to maintain such a level of observing, through the course of each session, the client's inner, less obvious responses, both emotionally and physically, and in responding appropriately. In Marcus one finds an ideal combination of compassionately intuitive qualities and the professionalism of a person of true maturity and broad worldly experience. Calm, self-assured yet modest, cheerful, brilliantly perceptive, cultured, well-read, and having lived in many places, Marcus has obviously absorbed and synthesized a great deal from his experiences. He is fully ready for whatever therapeutic challenges may arise. One could hardly hope to find such a perfectly suited person as your guide for any sustained and serious interpersonal or spiritual endeavor."

David T. Greene, Concert Pianist (retired), Lafayette, CO

"The Relation-Shift Training and working with Marcus was a profound experience. His sensitivity and awareness were very keen."

Nancy Hood, MSW, LCSW, Social Worker, Trevose, PA

"Marcus, you're a healing master."

Laura Sullivan, Marketing Consultant, Bryn Mawr, PA

"With the catalyzing energy of a shaman and nurturing empathy and positive regard, Marcus drew forth my ability to 'source' myself to create what I most truly wanted – guiding me to (re)connect mind and body and convert pain, unwanted results and blocks into freed energy, wholeness, and clear intention! He was such a good teacher. He helps his clients grow."

Daniel Duffy, M.D., Bryn Mawr, PA

"Marcus, thank you for helping me to see that everything I was seeking was within myself, and that I am so loveable. Your love inspired me to start where I am and learn how to live in joy and essence. Thank you!"

Betsy Sanders, Physician's Assistant, Philadelphia, PA