I found the key that set me free
was on the chain that bound me.

"I want to hold you close like a lute
so we can cry out with loving.

You would rather throw stones at a mirror?
I am your mirror, and here are the stones."

– Rumi

Marcus EliYAhu MannMarcus EliYAhu Mann, founder of Relation-Shift, and therapist-teacher-coach, has been called "an unusually gifted body-mind therapist and loving personal change coach, whose powerful integrity and spiritual insight create the trust that is so essential in facilitating lasting transformation"; "an exceptionally intuitive and knowing therapist and man"; "compassionately intuitive"; and "a perfectly suited guide for any sustained and serious interpersonal or spiritual endeavor", who "understands a great deal about how to help people move beyond suffering into a space of joy and presence". He can show you how to reverse stress and anxiety, re-own your birthright of joy and the feeling of bodily vibrance, master the keys to your relationship destiny, make a quantum leap in your leadership impact and presence, and have thriving co-creative relationships at home and at work.

Be prepared for someone dynamic and fun, gentle and challenging, passionate and undeterrable. A graduate of Wesleyan University in CT and of the Hendricks Institute in Santa Barbara, CA, Marcus is an Instructor for the Living University, an Imago Relationship Therapy clinical training graduate, served as therapist at Jefferson Alternative Medicine in Bryn Mawr, PA, and is a member of the Hendricks Institute faculty. He works with individuals, couples and groups, and has been called in by various corporations, agencies and congregations to consult, teach classes and lead trainings. Also called on to do fun and provocative public speaking, Marcus brings his passion, verbal dynamism, and interactive improvisational gifts to all such events.

Marcus Mann writingHe is also an author whose writings include Shame and Magnificence: The Discovery of the True Self, and Its Unveiling – A Record of Personal Awakening to Who We Really Are; The Colorblind Bower Bird: A Children’s Book For the Men and Women We Are Becoming; The Conscious Jew; and many other philosophical and psycho-spiritual – as well as sometimes very, very silly and outrageous – essays, poems, parables and short stories.

Marcus has a PhD from life in catalyzing people's growth, relationship transformation, and mind-body self-healing. He walks his talk – very gratefully! – in his own powerful loving relationships.