The Benefits

"You cannot solve a problem in the same state
of mind in which you created it."

– Albert Einstein

"We become so busy trying to prove that we are O.K.,
we forget that we are magnificent."

– Gay Hendricks

In sessions with Marcus, you learn to:

  • Communicate powerfully in all your relationships and make the shift into conscious relationship.
  • Be fully close and in harmony with your partner without giving up or losing yourself.
  • Reliably produce a flow of inner harmony and the feeling of vibrance in your own body.
  • Reverse anxiety and panic attacks.
  • Generate safety, fulfillment, joy, and creative power.
  • Listen to your body cues to make choices that are aligned with what you really want.
  • Get clear about and choose your life purpose; envision and bring into reality your heart's desire.
  • Make completions with draining relationships.
  • Attract lasting genuine love.
  • Become conscious allies with your partner in waking up together.
  • Create a life based on honoring your essence; and a relationship based on honoring each other's.
  • Activate your body's own self-healing power; and become a potent healing force in the world.

Couples' Sexual Rebirth – Erotic Alchemy and Hot Monogamy:

(Not for everyone, but offered to those for whom this resonates and who feel “called” by it)

Imagine being supported by each other as you de-shame around your felt but hidden, withheld, 'split-off' sexual desires, 'taboo' attractions, turn-ons, and fantasies. In the greater fulfillment, trust and wholeness of the two of you becoming safely transparent about eros and arousal, you will experience a monogamy and sharing that uncovers, unblocks and integrates emotional safety, trust and devotion AND the hidden erotic fire between you. This Hot Monogamy miracle is something that you really can experience and "have" together. Marcus will be your guide in stepping into the path that can both safely and excitingly get you there.

The Ultimate Benefit:

If you are ready to, you can learn how to render your surface-self transparent to its own underlying divinity, and awaken beyond ego-identification, to and as The Self Behind The self – to and as embodied consciousness itself, The Self Behind All selves, The Infinite Creative Self of the Universe – and wake down, integrating, embracing, loving and including your finite humanness.

For more on this, read about Awakening Circles.

To schedule your first session for any and all of the above, contact Marcus.