An Invitation to Relation-Shift

"How we relate to the other provides an extremely clear and
accurate mirror of how we relate to ourselves."

– John Welwood

"Wherever there is 'other', there is fear."

– Upanishads

Welcome to Relation-Shift.

Relation-Shift is the practice of discovering how to catalyze and create the relationship/s you want with another/others through catalyzing and creating the relationship you want… with your self. This is the golden jewel at the heart of the lotus – just as you can see in the lotus above. That's where all the leverage is; the hub, the axis, master of the "rim" – of your outer results and how "the world" receives you. Everything follows from and is an "out-picturing" of that.

I help you completely love, uncover, and embrace yourself right where and as you Are. I help you see, and awaken to and as, who you really Are, and stop outsourcing the Mystery. From there, "magic" happens.

This is the short path to both therapy's success (emotional healing and integration) and to enlightenment. As in here, so out there.

My name is Marcus. I am a powerful catalyst in this process, and I will be your guide. I am available in person in Philadelphia's West Mt. Airy, near Chestnut Hill, as well as via phone sessions at 215-438-9839 or via Skype face-to-face online video sessions.

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Come on in.